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Justine and I have been talking, and we’ve decided that it might be best for the roleplay to shut it down and revamp, later. We just haven’t been getting applications and activity has been low. If you’re still interested, keep following us! We’ll be back, later. 

Love you all, and hope we can all continue, later. 

If you like Harry Potter, check these guys out! Only one character taken, so far!
The reserve for Penelope will time out at midnight, tonight

If you’re still interested, please send in your audition! 

[Christine Holloway] [23] [Patron] [FC: Troian Bellisario] [OPEN]

Christine was raised far from the city, in a stately country house, where she was given everything a child could ask for. From lavish birthday parties to a fat, happy pony she could ride. But the one thing that the girl wanted seemed impossible to acquire - her parents’ attention. Her mother was more interested in big galas and visiting friends than she was in raising a daughter and, though her father was more affectionate, he was constantly working. Christine was raised by nannies and governesses, taught by private tutors. Her friends were her siblings and, sometimes, the children of her family’s servants. 

For a very long time, Christine was content. But, like most young people, she desired adventure. What better place to find it than in New York’s lights and mystery?

Finding The Amber Eye was mere happenstances. She stumbled across a group of gentlemen while out with a friend, who invited the two pretty young ladies to come along. That was Christine’s first night in The Amber Eye, but certainly not her last. She loved the glimmer, the sparkle, the mystery of it all. Secretly, she longs to join the dancers. But her self-confidence isn’t what it should be, and so she doesn’t do anything to make this little dream come true.

Christine is expressive and artistic, unafraid to speak her mind. Unlike most, though, her opinions are voiced with the soft, even voice of a lady…often, it makes her ideas come through all the more. She is living with a deadline, expecting to return home within the month. Whether or not she will rebel against her family’s wishes and expectations, though, is anyone’s guess. 

Jessamine King
Selina Cartwright  

Missy may be a bit absent from the actual roleplaying for a short time

I just want to work on getting more publicity/characters done, and then I’ll definitely return. I’ll still be active, of course, just not as much as I’d like to be. 
Combined with real-life work and some real-life drama, my stores of time are running a tad short. : )  

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We’re really excited to watch it come to life. : ) 

Welcome, Margaret Williams!

[Geoff Rivers] [26] [Patron] [FC: Zac Efron] [OPEN] 

There isn’t a person in the city who doesn’t know of the Rivers family, and their fall from grace. It was a tragedy, really. All of Walter Rivers’ accomplishments, his hard work building an empire from nothing, ruined. 
Money can be fickle. It likes to change hands more than it likes to sit in bank accounts.
The Rivers family learned this the hard way. Walter’s business crashed and burned, leaving his family with very little. Unable to take it all, Walter put an end to his own life.

Geoff, the eldest Rivers child, was destroyed by his father’s death. He was a ghost of himself, walking around New York like a phantom for years. Instead of putting himself into business and working his family back into top position, Geoff fell victim to a kind of hopelessness. He simply gave up, turning to the bottle instead of hard work or faith. 

Despite this judgement flaw, Geoff is a very good person. Injustice, violence, and danger do not sit well with him, and he will jump in immediately if someone needs him. He gets along very well with Virginia, Daisy, and Freddie, mostly because he helps them do whatever mischief they planned on a given day. They remind him of his own siblings. 

Geoff cannot imagine a life without the speakeasy. He is there every night, from open to close, though no one minds his constant presence. And the people seem to be doing him good. Lately, his need for the bottle has diminished. Maybe only slightly, and possibly not permanently…but there’s always hope. 

Lyle Croft
Lenore Henson